Saturday, April 28, 2007


And now for something completely different...

This week's episode might sound familiar, but it's a departure in many ways. Most importantly for me, I decided to abandon my "banjo only" principle for a while and use whatever instrument or piece of software will make my life easier. Graduate school is coming up for me in the summer, and the only chance I think I'll have of maintaining this podcast will be to streamline production as much as possible.

So the binaural beat this week comes courtesy of SBAGEN, an excellent piece of software which has been ported to every platform and which, in my opinion, should be enough by itself to keep anyone from ever paying for binaural beat CDs. I'll add a link to it in the sidebar. Also, rather than use a lot of effects to provide texture to numerous overlapping banjo tracks, I'm going to try using more instruments and fewer effects. This week, I've added a little bit of synth way in the background, plus quite a bit of guitar. All in all, the muscal moments of this episode possess probably the highest sound quality of all the episodes thus far.

Most obvious, though, will be the change in the length. This week's episode comes with a 30Hz beat, which from my readings online is reputed to produce a marijuana effect. Well, if that's true, why stop after five minutes?! So this one is long, just short of twenty minutes, with a sizeable middle section of background loops and pings there to keep you awake. My hope is that the extended download time will pay off with a more enjoyable listening experience.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Free CD

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for listening to the Binaural Banjo and tell you about a free CD promotion.

From the beginning, one of my main interests in producing this podcast was to see how many listeners would subscribe if I simply put the music out there without any real promotion. After listing the Binaural Banjo with iTunes and a couple of other podcast directories, I let the world wide web do its thing while I focused on creating content.

And the web has done its thing. Last summer, it took four months for the Binaural Banjo to reach a thousand downloads. Now there are more than a thousand downloads per month. That's an enormous increase, but still humble by comparison with other podcasts which are downloaded several thousand times per day.

So I'd like to ask for everyone's help in spreading the word about the Binaural Banjo with a limited time offer of 50 free, custom order compact discs. Originally, I was planning on creating a “best of” compilation, but I decided it would be more fun for me to find out what your favorites are! So, for the next month, the first 50 listeners to email me at with a list of their favorite episodes will receive a free CD featuring the original .wav files of those songs.

In return, all I ask is that you will all spread the word about the Binaural Banjo. Please refer the show to anyone and everyone who you think will enjoy it, and if you get a CD, by all means make copies and share! Encourage your friends to subscribe through iTunes or other podcast directories, or else visit this site. It is my hope that, with your help, the number of downloads will increase to at least a thousand per week, or better yet per day!

Once again, thank you for listening.

Free CD Promotion

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Alpha Three

The final episode in the alpha beat series. The beat is 20Hz, which might actually be out of range, but it should provide a nice boost in any case.

This episode marks the return of the acoustic banjo - I've been able to throw it in here and there, but only lately managed to get the hardware issues worked out to the point that I could complete an entire episode with the acoustic. In many ways, it's also a return to the recording techniques I used when I began this podcast - "warts and all" multitracking, basic effects, and tons of ebow. Simplicity.

Alpha Three