Saturday, January 30, 2010

Donations Now Accepted

Spring of this year will mark four years of Binaural Banjo podcasts - not bad. In all this time it has been my pleasure to be involved in the Creative Commons movement, and I'm pleased with the feedback I've received. The number of subscribers continues to grow - I think the direction the music has taken for the past year or two is a good one, and I hope to continue creating similar episodes.

Now, as something of an experiment, I've added a donation button. If you've enjoyed this podcast, please feel free to donate. For all who may choose to make a donation, thank you very much.

BUT - please feel free not to donate, as well. I have often toyed with the idea of accepting donations, but always rejected the idea as being contrary to the spirit of the Creative Commons music. Curiosity about e-commerce has finally won out, and donations can be made from either of my Blogspot pages, as well from my main website. However, regardless of whether anyone donates or not, I will continue to work on the Binaural Banjo and to release free music through this and other venues. Above all else I thank you for listening.