Wednesday, June 18, 2008


First thing, I should come clean about an error in my binaural beat synthesis: I was researching the effects of some higher frequencies and I saw that, in fact, 30Hz produces alleged marijuana effects. Unfortunately, I've been publishing episodes with 20Hz beats and mistakenly claiming that 20Hz is the herbal frequency...

I realize that this all may not be exact science to begin with, but I have had listeners who hit this podcast after searching for digital drugs and I'm sorry if they were misled. Hopefully for those folks the music was worth something in itself.

So, this week's tune does indeed come with a 30Hz beat. Please enjoy, and if anyone notices a difference feel free to comment or fire off an email to let me know.

The tune itself is one that took on a life of its own. I like it, but I had something definite in mind for how I wanted it to sound and the final result is nowhere near my original plan. Somewhere along the way, this 70's style, instrumental-light-rock anthem vibe kicked in and I just ran with it. So it's kind of a fun tune, maybe not something anybody will want to calm themselves down with but hopefully entertaining and a little cheeky.