Saturday, September 05, 2015

Petal - A Thousand Ages

A couple years ago there was a podcast episode names A Thousand Ages. I like the name and have recycled it as the title of my latest Petal release - while the phrase is from an old hymn, my use is inspired by Gene Wolfe's Book of the New Sun, a sci-fi classic which begins with a quote from the hymn.

For several years I've been working on tunes which capture my impressions of the book, and have finally got them into some sort of shape and order which feels release-worthy. Featuring some beautiful cover art courtesy of Richard PJ Lambert, the whole thing is freely available from the Rusted Sun Collective at Bandcamp:

The original Double Pinhole Solargraph image used for the artwork is available from Mr. Lambert's flikr stream at Additional information about the artists is also available at and



Anonymous said...

Hi Jon,

I hope this comment finds you well. I'm a visual artist (a painter) based in the UK and I just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed listening to your work. I stumbled upon some of your ambient tunes on the Internet Archive site. I would like to use a track for a short video, documenting a recent community/socially engaged project I was involved in and wanted to check with you that it would be OK under the creative commons (noncommercial) attribution. All best wishes, Terry Greene

Petal said...

Terry - apologies, I thought I had replied to your comment but it looks like I didn't properly save or published.

You are welcome to use my music for your video. If you can link back to this site or the internet archive, that would be great. If you think you may need me to waive other rights, please just contact me by email.

Thank you!

Tisha said...

Dear Jon,

I came across your music on the website Internet Archive as well and I loved it. I am an Animation student based in Vancouver and am very interested in using some of your compositions in my film. I was wondering if it is possible to do that or will I need to acquire a license from you? The film is completely non-commercial.

Thank you,

Petal said...


Thank you! The music is licensed for that so please feel free. If you can link back to this or the Internet Archive site that would be great. I'd love a link to your finished film, too, if that's possible.

Thank you,

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