Friday, January 25, 2013

Lossless Site Offline

For multiple reasons I have decided to no longer maintain my own domain, so the lossless site is no longer available as of today.

I do have every intention of maintaining this podcast indefinitely. From what I read online there does seem to be some doubt about the future of Feedburner and possibly podcasting in general, but we'll have to work through those issues as they arise. At the very least this blog will remain as the front page, regardless of how the music content gets syndicated.

And since I'm posting general info and updates, I know it's been pretty quiet here lately but I had some other musical commitments that I had to fulfill. All good fun but time consuming. That's done with now, and I'm in the studio working hard on a bunch of new tunes and new ideas. So stay tuned and thanks as always for hanging in there!


Anonymous said...

ho scaricato tutti i pezzi. essi sono giĆ  nel mio lettore musicale!

(Note: Italian language adapted to an automatic translator)

Petal said...

I'm glad! I was thinking of making the whole set available for download.